Technology and gamification as a means to achieve a more sustainable world

In January, the first transnational meeting of the Erasmus plus project, known as We’R’World, took place via as a virtual event. The aim is to encourage primary school pupils from across Europe to achieve better results in science subjects and to improve their digital and horizontal skills, such as initiative, creativity, and cooperative teamwork. It will also help participants improve their English, while its collaborative side will foster inclusion and fairness in the educational realm.


 Technology and gamification to achieve a more sustainable world









The We’R’World initiative aims to make schools more sustainable places. To succeed, a training guide will be created to cover a wide range of topics, including climate change and the limited supply of natural resources. These topics will be complemented and enhanced by 40 hands-on activities.


Another output to be achieved when undertaking the project is a gamified platform, enabling the learners themselves to create their own animations, mini-video games and interactive activities. This platform will be guided by a common goal —saving the planet— where students will learn all the basic concepts related to climate change, greenhouse gases, recycling and calculating the carbon footprint.


Concepts such as diversity, solidarity, inclusion, gender equality, equity and globalisation of problems will also be covered. In general, the event will address the degree of sustainability needed to bring about real change in the model of society, by improving its key competences to bring them in line with the needs of the 21st century.


The project is being coordinated by Colegio Engeba in Valencia, with the participation of Agrupamento de Escolas de Portela e Moscavide (Portugal), Instituto Compresivo Statale Padre Pino Puglisi (Italy), and the Vzgojno-izobraževalni zavod Osnovna šola school in Rogatec (Slovenia), alongside AIJU.


AIJU’s role in the project is to contribute its extensive experience in the field of technology and expertise in the development of products and applications. AIJU will also provide training for teachers in the different countries so that they can learn gamification techniques and put them to use in their daily work to motivate students through games.


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