User, market and trend studies and consultancy

In today’s society, knowing how childhood and adolescence are like and how they evolve is of vital importance for leisure and children’s product companies when it comes to taking decisions. To market products successfully, it is crucial to discover how consumers think, how they live, how they feel, what are they looking for and what they want. But apart from the desires and needs of children and young people, the success of a product is also determined by knowing whether there are any brakes on that product or if there are any aspects that encourage parents to buy it. That is why we analyse the market, trends and users with cutting-edge methodologies that take into account the user-buyer binomial.

Specialised consultancy and research services

Future trends

Analysis of trends in toys and other products for children, consumer trends, new forms of communication and sales, new materials and emerging technologies. Monitoring of children’s and young people’s trends or analysis of rising or falling licences. All designed to identify gaps in the market and to restructure the product portfolio. Marketing content is developed based on knowledge of the social trends in the market.

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Benefits of carrying out studies with consumers.
Tailor-made reports for different teams within your company
Support for the creation of new concepts and products
Marketing keys for your communication plans
Informing the management team for strategy definition
Reduction of the level of uncertainty before a new launch
Knowing the quantification of users and the growth of the business
Training in understanding the children and young people you are targeting
Knowing innovative methodologies to create new products
How our team works with users

We have two laboratories dedicated to the analysis of child and young users:  ToyLab and ChildLab, not to mention the most innovative research methodologies. We also have a network of families, schools and experts who collaborate with us.

TOYLAB is a laboratory for the observation of the usability of toys in a natural play environment, which is visited by about 20,000 boys and girls from 1 to 12 years of age every year. It is located in Ibi (Alicante). The main room is monitored on video, and there are two rooms with spy glass so we can observe how children use the toys in a natural play environment.

CHILDLAB is a laboratory for the analysis of child users, located in Valencia. It has a research room equipped with 360º cameras, to observe the individual reactions of users to lines, for purchase simulation. Viewing system using a one-way spy mirror or streaming, eliminating the need to travel to the facilities and providing companies with live viewing.  Neuromarketing research methodologies.

NETWORK OF COLLABORATORS, databases with 10,000 families and 12,000 boys, girls and young people between 0 and 16 years old, from all the geographical areas of Spain. Databases with 400 kindergartens and schools. We collaborate with teachers and experts in disability, health and childhood; we have Special Education Centres, Early Care Centres, as well as Day Centres for the elderly. Studies with families, boys and girls, young people, adults and the elderly, including specific groups with disabilities, health problems, etc.

Why should you trust our user studies?

You will be working with a multidisciplinary team formed by psychologists, sociologists, pedagogues, educators, children’s entertainers, designers and market analysts.

We comply with all the ethical requirements relating to research involving children.

Over 25 years of experience in childhood and market research in regional, national and European projects. Innovative research projects.

We are part of the International Trends Committee of the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg. We participate in the Toy Business Forum of the Spielwarenmsse and the Trend Forum of Kind & Jugend.

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User, market and trend studies and consultancy
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