Digital development services and immersive technologies

We live in an environment of digital transformation in which companies need to know the potential of new digital and immersive technologies to adapt to the current demands of consumers and clients. AIJU provides your company with the digital development services the industry needs. Our objective is to help to increase a company’s digital presence in any of its fields of activity: Productivity, logistics and marketing.

Digital development services for companies

Showroom and virtual catalogue design


Together with you, we explore the best technologies based on your needs. We help to provide and generate innovative ideas. We adapt to needs based on the objective audience and the desired impact.


We integrate and develop Augmented Reality tools into your catalogue to enrich its contents, thereby allowing connectivity with the digital world (simplifying and enhancing online shopping, integrating connections with social networks, etc.).

Benefits of digitalising your company
Optimal development and sustainability of your products
Decisions with guaranteed success in the approval of new ideas
Advice on legislative, technological and market requirements
We place laboratories equipped with the latest technology at your disposal

AIJU provides you with all its available technical resources to make the leap to the digital society easier for you. We have a fully equipped TechLab with demonstrators who can ignite the spark of integrating new technologies into your business. Our equipment features the best Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Virtual Mapping technologies. We have our own holographic systems and 360º environments. Drones in different sizes and with different specifications.

The working group uses state-of-the-art programming software, specific modelling and animation software, and its own validated protocols to adapt the solution to your own specific demands.

You can rely on our team of experts in new digital technologies

We have a team of experts from different backgrounds (engineers, programmers, designers, pedagogues, psychologists, educators, etc.) with more than 20 years of experience in product integration and development.

Our 20 years of experience allow us to support and advise you on your way to the digitalisation of your product, developing digital content suitable for your target audience.

With complete confidentiality, our creative teams will adapt your company’s demands to the market reality, based on our knowledge of the latest technologies. We will apply the technological solutions which offer the best value for money in order to adapt them to your development possibilities.

César Carrión
Digital development services and immersive technologies
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