Aid for training

The aim of the AIJU Training Area is to ensure that companies can enjoy the highest quality training at the lowest possible cost.


That is why each year it offers a selection of subsidised courses (free of charge) both to companies and workers and to people who are currently unemployed. Most of the free courses that AIJU runs are offered to trainees and companies without any cost because they are subsidised by a public body, such as the Valencian Employment and Training Service (LABORA, formerly SERVEF), or the State Public Employment Service (SEPE).


AIJU is registered/accredited in the Register of Professional Training Centres and Entities for Employment of the Community of Valencia (LABORA, formerly SERVEF) and in the register of centres of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE).

Advantages of the subsidised training offered by AIJU

  •  The subsidised training that is offered by AIJU is always of the highest quality and at 0 cost, so neither the trainees nor the companies have to pay anything at all.
  •  Its teachers are active professionals with a great deal of experience in the field they will be teaching, and through these courses they transmit their knowledge and expertise to companies and trainees alike.
  •  The content matter is always adjusted to the training necessities of the company, always seeking a balance between theory and practice.
  •  Timetables and calendars for these courses are always adjusted to the requirements and availability of the companies.
  •  Some of the courses usually include internships in companies, so that the trainees can put what they have learnt during the course into practice in a professional context.
Programmed or discounted training

On the other hand, AIJU also offers companies the possibility of managing discounts for other types of courses which do entail a cost, so that they also end up being free of charge as far as the company is concerned.

Important considerations on Programmed Training
  •  To be eligible for a discount, training activities must have a minimum duration of 2 hours.
  •  Discounted training can be tailor made for a single company or shared by several companies.
  •  Training may be given in the following ways: classroom-based, distance, online, or mixed.
  •  Each company’s credit is valid for one year. If it is not used in the corresponding tax year, it is lost.
  •  A discounted course can end up being free. The maximum discountable cost is different for each course. To calculate it, it is necessary to take into account, apart from other aspects, the number of hours of the training activity, the number of trainees, and the type of training being provided.
  •  Programmed training must be completely free for the worker.
  •  Deductions or discounts for training can only be applied to workers (trainees) who are contributors to the general Social Security system, and who therefore contribute under the professional training quota heading. It is not possible to deduct the cost of self-employed trainees.

The AIJU Training Area can help you implement the training you need in your company, and it can also coordinate and look after all the necessary formalities to ensure that you meet the requirements demanded of companies to be eligible for this type of discount. This is why the company must have signed a mandate contract with AIJU. We can inform you about the credit available for your company, and we can look after all the necessary paperwork for each dossier.

Training Offer

Have a look at our training offer; by searching for “price” and “recipient” you will find the list of the free or discountable courses we currently have available for employed or unemployed people.

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Contact us if you want to find available financing plans for your courses. AIJU delivers subsidised or discountable courses which means they can be free for companies and/or trainees.