In the AIJU Laboratory, you can check and certify that your product meets the required specifications or standards in areas such as the safety of children’s products and consumer products, packaging, playgrounds or sports areas.

Our Aim

To find the solution to requirements with regard to the safety of children’s products, leisure and sports articles, food contact materials and other consumer products.

Close and accessible laboratory

Our test Laboratory is close and accessible to needs and offers an extensive catalogue of specialised services to provide customised solutions.

Reference sectors for our laboratory services
Products for babies and children

Toys, child care articles, school utensils, young children’s bicycles, skateboards, buoyant aids, children’s accessories and clothing.

Our experience and results as a laboratory vouch for us
of experience makes us a Reference European Centre in children’s safety.
trust our results every year, with competitive prices and terms.
per year on children’s products, ensuring reliability and validity in their destination markets.
Accreditations and certifications

First laboratory accredited by the Spanish national accreditation entity, ENAC (Entidad Nacional de Acreditación) since 1989 for the performance of tests on toys. Subsequently, in 2006, we expanded our accreditations to child care items, playgrounds and sports areas and food contact materials. These certifications vouch for the quality of our testing and inspection service.

ENAC accreditation is a tool that, on an international scale, generates trust and vouches for the actions of our Laboratory. This type of accreditation of our laboratories is essential for the competitiveness of industries since it represents an adequate service, guaranteed externally.

Furthermore, it represents a highly relevant activity for the public authorities, both national and European, with the aim of obtaining a sufficient level of trust in the test results, and thus facilitating the free circulation of products throughout the European Economic Area.

On the basis of this background, we seek every year to expand the scope of our accreditations, including the standards and tests demanded by companies.

Discover the scope of our ENAC accreditations and activities covered by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

Our Professionals

We are a leading team with more than 40 professionals and we work to find and guarantee the best solutions for your needs.

Professional, multidisciplinary and approachable profile with an in-depth knowledge of children’s products and other consumer products, manufacturing processes, legal, regulatory and consumer aspects, with regard to both children and adults.

The qualities that define us are: technical knowledge, flexibility, vocation for guidance, global vision and experience.

Confidentiality guaranteed.

The facilities

A total of 3,000 m2 of modern facilities at your service distributed among the following laboratories:

  •  Toy physical safety laboratory
  •  Flammability laboratory
  •  Electrical testing laboratory
  •  Acoustics laboratory
  •  Children’s product safety laboratory
  •  Playground safety laboratory
  •  Toy chemical safety laboratory
  •  Chemical additives laboratory
  •  Metals laboratory
  •  Food contact materials laboratory
  •  Plastics characterisation and identification laboratory
  •  Environmental laboratory
Proven results

We collaborate with a network of European laboratories which, together with the participation by our technicians in different European forums and standardisation committees, enables us to offer validated and contrasted results.

Ana Sánchez
Laboratory Area
Tel. +34 96 555 44 75