Children’s and industrial products development services

Organisations use a product development process as a growth strategy in order to introduce innovative products into existing markets. This process is divided into a series of phases, from the conception of the idea to large-scale production.

Technological innovations are making it increasingly possible to produce highly diversified products that are adapted to the specific characteristics of the user, offering greater versatility to the products and a highly innovative character. In addition, market tendencies are moving towards personalised and environmentally sustainable products, in limited production series.

At AIJU we provide you with advice, offering support throughout all the phases of the development of your product, no matter whether your company develops children’s products or if it is active in an auxiliary industry with its own product.

AIJU does not intervene or engage in activities related to the design, manufacture, supply, installation, purchase, possession, use or maintenance of items covered by the ENAC scope of inspection (recreational areas and sports facilities), nor does it provide advice on these products.

desarrollo de producto infantil

Services and solutions for the development of children’s and industrial products

Industrial 3D product design

We offer scanning support to digitalise any part, mould or physical model and convert it into a 3D CAD model. We also create the initial draft of the design so you can make decisions and choose ideas, as well as the industrial 3D Design of your product.

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Benefits of developing children’s and industrial products with AIJU
Optimal development and sustainability of your products
Decisions with guaranteed success in the approval of new ideas
Advice on legislative, technological and market requirements
We place laboratories equipped with the latest technology at your disposal
Highly creative 3D Design team
Multidisciplinary team to improve your product
Our staff are widely respected both at the national and the international level
Materials in line with your needs
Product development facilities and equipment

Covering more than 500 square metres, our facilities comprise a very complete “Manufacturing Lab” which has the following equipment:

Digitalisation Room:

  •  Coordinate measuring machines
  •  Laser digitiser
  •  Structured light / white light projection digitiser


Plastic and metal laser sintering:

  •  Selective laser melting (SLM)
  •  Plastic selective laser sintering (SLS)
  •  Vacuum casting using silicone moulds

3D printing laboratory:

  •  PolyJet 3D printing (PJT)
  •  3D Printing (FFF)
  •  Stereolithography (SLA/DLP)


Materials testing laboratory:

  •  A range of measuring equipment to perform a complete characterisation of plastic materials


Process laboratory:

  •  Plastograph
  •  Laboratory scale and industrial scale extruders
  •  Laboratory scale and industrial scale injectors
  •  Extrusion blow moulding line
  •  Rotational moulding equipment
  •  Pulverising mills
Confidence in our product development team

Our multidisciplinary team consists mainly of industrial engineers, laboratory processes technicians, chemists and designers. Highly qualified employees who are always at the cutting edge of their art, which generates a know-how that gives great confidence to our customers.

At the AIJU R&D Studies and Projects department we also have several lines of research. These are framed within the development of new models, materials, and technologies for the development of highly functional products with great added value.

We also sit on several Standardisation Committees and related platforms:

  • ISO/TC 261 Additive Manufacturing
  • CEN TC 438 “Additive Manufacturing” Traditional Manufacturing Sectors Platform – PLATECMA
  • BBI – Bio-based Industries:
  • EFFRA | European Factories of the Future Research Association
  • Climate-KIC | Innovation for Climate Action
  • AM Platform – European Technology Platform in Additive Manufacturing
  • SPIRE – Sustainable Transformation Industry
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Children’s and industrial products development services
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