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AIJU is the Technological Institute specialised in toys, children’s products and leisure, based in the town of Ibi (Alicante). It also has premises in Valencia.

The objective of AIJU is to optimise the creation and development process of children’s products, starting with the idea and continuing until the product is placed on the market. With more than 30 years’ experience, AIJU has advised hundreds of companies (small, large and multinational) on thousands of products, to guarantee their success.

AIJU offers a wide range of technological services aimed at improving the quality of your products and the competitiveness of your business, and adapting these products to the regulatory, technological and market requirements in force at any time in the areas of children’s and product safety, technological advisory services, testing, product design and development, prototyping, improvement in industrial processes, adaptation of products to meet market demands, knowledge of the child consumer, psychological and educational advice and training, among others.

A Technology Centre that boosts innovation and knowledge in children’s products and leisure for companies and entities, as well as technology transfer to industry, all of this on a national and international scale.
To provide a value proposition and a differentiated offer for each market segment with a global positioning that responds to real needs of innovation and knowledge.
In addition to being results-oriented and with a special commitment to the companies of its area.
We also offer cooperation with other organisations and we set out to be a benchmark technology centre that maintains sustained and sustainable growth.
Trabajo en Equipo / Team
Liderazgo / Leadership
Cercania y Confianza / Trust
Orientación al Cliente / Orientation
Innovación / Innovation
Eficiencia / Efficiency
Compromiso / Commitment
Profesionalidad / Professionalism

Our institute has facilities of over 6,000 m² with modern equipment and highly qualified staff that we place at your disposal to enable you to achieve success in your projects. These are the different facilities of the institution thanks to which, day after day, AIJU continues to be a benchmark technology centre.

AIJU Facilities
Human Resources

AIJU has a highly qualified team that sets out to provide the responses best adapted to the technological needs of different industrial sectors.

It comprises a multidisciplinary team with more than 80 experts on child safety, risk assessment, materials, additive manufacturing, market trends, product development, design, ICT, management and innovation systems, psychology and education, sociological studies and childhood and old age.

AIJU offers the industry advice, response and services with a global and interdisciplinary focus, taking into consideration all the necessary aspects to ensure the profitability of your company, the quality and user adaptation of your products.

PhD holders
Advanced University Graduates
University Graduates
Technical Assistants
Administrative Board

D. Pablo Cañizares Montón | Gerente de Juguetes Picó, S. A.

PRESIDENTE / President


Dª Júlia Company Sanus | Directora General del Instituto Valenciano de Competitividad Empresarial, IVACE

Dª Sonia Tirado González | Directora General de Innovación Consellería de Innovación, Universidades, Ciencia y Sociedad Digital

D. José Antonio Pastor Fernández | Presidente de la Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Juguetes, AEFJ


D. Vicente José Anguiz Cortés | Gerente de Gonher, S.A.

D. Luis Berbegal Pina | CEO Industrial Juguetera, S.A.

D. Juan Carlos Carrió Rovira | Gerente de Juguetes Cayro, S.L.

D. Fernando Falomir Salcedo | Director de Marketing de Juguetes Falomir, S.A.

D. Josep Matarín Carro | Responsable de calidad de IMC Toys, S.A.

Dª. Carmina Moltó Pérez | Adjunta Dirección General de Moltó y Cía, S.A.

D. Antonio Noguera Ramis | Gerente de ToyBags, S.L.U.

Dª. María Reig Brotons | Responsable de compras de Claudio Reig, S.L.

D. José Miguel Toledo Delgado | Iberia and France General Manager FAMOSA

Dña. Carmen Alejandra Gómez Verdú | Gerente de Ludilo, S.L.


Members – childcare


D. Ángel Mira Cremades | Gerente de Talleres Tibi, S.L.

D. José Antonio García Peñalver | Gerente de Creaciones y Diseños Plásticos, S.L.

Dª. Soledad Berbegal Roque | Directora de Comunicación y Estrategia Corporativa de Actiu Berbegal y Formas, S.A.

Dª. Beatriz Valls Gras | Directora Relaciones Institucionales ITC Packaging

Members – plastic processing-moulds


D. Juan Bornay Sanjuán | Consejero de Bornay, S.A.

D. José Antonio Molina Tortosa | Gerente de Solar Iniciativas Tecnológicas, S.A.

Members – others


Dña. Amparo Navarro Faure | Rectora de la Universidad de Alicante

Official member


D. Manuel Aragonés Francés

General Manager AIJU


Dña. Cristina Melgar Bustos | Director of Finance & Administration AIJU

Secretary of the administrative board


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