Tests of consumer products

Over the course of our 30 years of experience in children’s products we have diversified our skills and knowledge in order to cover the safety of consumer products in general. Consumer protection is the paramount consideration when evaluating the possible risks entailed by using any given product.

Performing both physical-mechanical and chemical tests on these products helps to assess and control these risks, so a product can be rolled out that is suitable for use by the end consumer.

Services we perform on consumer products

Tests on promotional articles

Promotional articles are consumer products given as a gift, whose purpose is to advertise a brand and/or boost sales. The nature of these products is very diverse, and the safety requirements they need to comply with depend both on the nature of the article and on its use, the end consumer, the country of sale, etc.

We can help you establish what these requirements are, and perform the necessary tests to verify your products’ compliance, whether physical-mechanical, chemical, flammability or electrical.

Ensuring your product is safe before placing it on the market goes a long way to guaranteeing its success.

Benefits of choosing the services of AIJU
Avoid fines, recalls of defective products, the return of goods, etc, with the subsequent reputational risk.
Tests certified at an international level.
  •  Testing is one of the most effective ways to assess and verify the safety of consumer products. We offer you the necessary guidance and collaboration to perform such tests, in order to put on the market a product that meets the highest demands of safety and quality.
  •  Assessing the safety of the product before placing it on the market is vital to protect the consumer and to avoid non-compliances and product recall, with the possible ensuing fines and associated costs.
  •  The accreditation of our test methods by ENAC guarantees the recognition of our test reports at the international level.

How we perform tests on consumer products

Most of the tests performed at AIJU have ENAC accreditation, which facilitates the recognition of our test reports within Europe.

We work in direct contact with our clients, to ensure that the proposed analysis completely cover all your needs.

We have a laboratory equipped with the most sophisticated techniques of sample preparation and analysis, which allows us to cover a wide range of chemical determinations for all sorts of consumer products.

When you reach out to AIJU to verify your products you will immediately receive the advice of our group of experts in regulations and legislation. This team will inform you about the applicable requirements, the necessary information or documents and how best to approach the appropriate tests.

Confidence in our consumer product tests

The technical staff that performs the tests is highly qualified, and the ongoing training of the team, as well as their constant updating in legislative matters, generates the necessary confidence in our clients.

Apart from our human team, our laboratory has the most modern analysis techniques which allow for more selective determinations and concentration limits in line with legislative requirements.

In AIJU’s laboratory we have our own line of research designed to improve the safety of consumer products and dedicated to the development of test methods that allow manufacturers to verify their products.

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Tests of consumer products
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