AIJU develops Industry 4.0 content for vocational training centres from around Europe

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ project New training resources for the change of the industrial paradigm, ROBOT@3DP, AIJU staged virtual training sessions in January with the aim of applying Industry 4.0 to vocational training centres from all over Europe.


The event covered topics such as the design and 3D modelling of parts and components fit for 3D printing, as well as the custom development of support structures for the parts. Training was also provided on the use and maintenance of 3D printers and on how to troubleshoot the main problems that can arise when manufacturing them.


The project involved two international Fablabs: STARTSMART from Italy and SPOTDESIGN from Romania.


Over the following days, AIJU did a deep dive into the application of Industry 4.0 within the mould design and plastic transformation sector, showing simple applications that can be developed using low-cost boards such as ARDUINO, ESP32 or FPGAS, which capture information from the machinery and store the data on Excel sheets in the cloud for subsequent analysis and visualisation using systems such as PowerBI.


Regional companies TALLERES TIBI, S.L. and TALLERES BERZOSA, S.L. also play an active role in the project by contributing content and applied designs so that the vocational training centres can draw on the experiences of industry as a key element to enhance the training of their students.


The ROBOT@3DP project regularly updates the information posted on its website ( and will soon be offering users a training platform from which to view the outcomes obtained.


The two-year project is currently in its second year of development and the next steps will focus on the development of demonstrators.


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Aiju develops Industry 4.0 for vocational training centers in Europe