Given the vulnerable nature of children, the audience to which toys are aimed, must comply with extremely strict requirements. Depending on the market to which they are aimed, both at European and international levels, there are many laws and legislation that toys must comply with.

Technically, a toy is a product designed or intended, exclusively or not, to be used for play by children under the age of 14. This definition is contained in Directive 2009/48/CE of 18 June 2009 on toy safety, which is the most immediate legal environment for such products within the European environment.

Toys are part of a child’s home environment. Just as their design, features, and functions have evolved, so have the required safety requirements.

AIJU offers you a global service with the aim of helping you with your needs insofar as the sale and/or control of toys in the international and national market is concerned.


Toy testing laboratory services

Our clients are toy manufacturers, importers, distributors, market administration and control authorities, developers of new products, etc., and AIJU provides a complete range of services intended to cover all their different issues and needs.

Tests according to European toy safety standards EN 71 and EN 62115

We perform tests to assess the compliance of toys, including electric toys, with current European regulations and other legislation. This will allow our clients to check their compliance with the safety requirements of Directive 2009/48/CE on toy safety, and other European regulations. Read more

Benefits of our tests on toys

By performing safety tests on your toys at AIJU you can:

Guarantee that your toys comply with current legislation.
Avoid sanctions and product recalls.
Prevent children from suffering accidents due to a lack of safety of your products during use.
  •  At the international level, the toy must comply with different standards and regulations. At AIJU we help you expand your markets and internationalise your company.
  •  Generate trust in your brand and tranquillity for your company. The consumer needs safe toys. Ensure that your brand is the best guarantee for the market and the consumer.
  •  Facilitate the decision making process for your suppliers or throughout the manufacturing process.
  •  Identify possible non-compliances in the safety of your toys before it is too late, avoiding unnecessary costs.
  •  Minimise errors during manufacture.
  •  Control your toy suppliers or monitor the market.
  •  Vulnerable consumers such as children do not take as much care as adults do. Minimise the risks your toys may present for children.
Toy safety facilities and technical staff

Our facilities for testing the safety of toys cover a surface area of 2,000 square metres.

Our complete equipment, which simulates the different parts of the child and their activity at play, helps us test your products and assess possible dangers to which children may be exposed.

Additionally, cutting edge equipment for chemical analysis and determination measures the various compounds and toxic substances that may be present in toys.

AIJU’s technical team has a long track record and experience (more than 30 years) guaranteeing a global vision and the best approach for the testing of your toys.

Thanks to the participation of our experts in the European CEN TC 52 “Safety of Toys” standardisation committee, we are able to offer tests according to updated standards with verified criteria:

First accredited laboratory

We are the first laboratory to be accredited by the ENAC (National Accreditation Entity) according to ISO/IEC 17025 to carry out tests on toys (accreditation nº 6/LE016).

Our professionals work under a commitment to confidentiality, ensuring that your proposals for new toys are treated as absolutely confidential. We are backed by a track record of more than 30 years.

We offer the guarantee of our knowledge which is updated with European criteria.

AIJU offers you a global vision of the toy value chain. Not only are we safety experts, but we also have an in-depth understanding  of the toy industry and its manufacturing processes.

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Tests on toys
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