Artificial intelligence for inclusive education

The Inclusive Artificial Intelligence (INCAI) project aims to study the ways in which Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help in the educational realm, and more precisely in adult education, by fostering a more inclusive and flexible learning environment. The aim is to unlock the potential of artificial intelligence in helping the most underprivileged learners, who require significant support to achieve their educational goals.


It qualifies as a Good Practice Exchange project, thus entailing the co-production of an AI-based educational plan to bring together success stories from different European countries. This plan will include methodologies for the effective implementation of AI technologies in the classroom tailored to the needs of different vulnerable groups and to the particular circumstances of the educational model of each member state belonging to the consortium.


The project features a total of eight organisations from eight different countries: United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, Sweden, Lithuania, Poland and Spain. The consortium includes universities, non-profit training support organisations and new technology entities.


The kick-off meeting took place in January to mark the start of this 24-month venture.


artificial intelligence for inclusive education





For more information: Raúl Esteban Crespo