AIJU is working alongside APADIS to develop an “easy-to-read” handbook for people with intellectual disabilities

The project, titled Accessible digital journalism and media education for people with intellectual disabilities, or EASYNEWS, aims to empower people with intellectual disabilities by offering tools to adapt news to easy-to-read format. The project, which is part of the ERASMUS+ call for tenders and proposals, involves several expert organisations from countries such as Greece, Italy, Sweden, Germany and Spain.


The tools include a handbook on media literacy and on how to convert news into easy-to-read format, a working methodology rooted in the use of ICTs, and a guide for parents of children with intellectual disabilities to get them reading from an early age. All this valuable content will allow parents and associations alike to bring people with intellectual disabilities closer to current affairs, through digital information and dissemination media.


AIJU and APADIS develop an easy-to-read manual for intellectual disabilities










The project consortium, coordinated by Asociación para la Atención de las Personas con Discapacidad Intelectual de Villena y Comarca (APADIS), of which AIJU is a member, is now working towards the first of the tangible outputs of the project, namely the Handbook on Media Literacy and Adaptation of Text to Easy Reading. The final version of the handbook should be ready by the end of March and will be available in Spanish, Greek, Italian, Swedish, German and English. An easy-to-read version of the handbook will also be available.


In tandem, APADIS is working with AIJU to develop the project’s website, which will soon be available and on which the handbook can be viewed and downloaded as soon as it is published.



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