AIJU to deliver training on artificial intelligence

AIJU is preparing training courses on artificial intelligence aimed at secondary school teachers, within the framework of the European project Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to foster 21st century skills in secondary education, or EDU4AI. The goal is to bring artificial intelligence closer to students through the maker movement trend.


The main aim of this conference is for teachers to learn about different tools and software that will enable them to develop artificial intelligence applications alongside their students. In doing so, they will rely on tools to enable programming by means of code blocks such as scratch, and will develop applications for voice recognition, image recognition, emotion recognition and chatbots, while learning to programme intelligent toys.


To further complement this training, AIJU is working on a technical guide for teachers, to provide step-by-step instructions on how to integrate artificial intelligence into education. This will allow the educators to pass the concepts they have learned on to students to give them the technology skills and differential value they will need down the line in the job market.


This project is coordinated by IN2 Digital Innovations GMBH (IN2, Germany), with the collaboration of the European Laboratory for Technological Education (EDUMOTIVA, Greece), the Digital World Foundation (DWF, Italy), and training centres 6 E.K. A’ Piraeus (Greece), Col·legi Sant Roc (Spain) and Johannes Kepler (Germany), along with AIJU.







For more information: Jose Carlos Sola