Developing a chatbot to help young people with ASD find work

The e-learning platform for the development of socio-occupational skills in people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), or WOTICS, led by the Asperger Association of Alicante (ASPALI), continues to develop new materials to improve the job prospects of young people with ASD.


Following the launch of the WOTICS Job Search Guide, which is now available on the project website (, the next milestone will be the development of an artificial intelligence-based instant messaging system (chatbot) to provide personalised help to young people with ASD who are looking to find a job. Users can ask the chatbot questions to clear up their doubts about:


  • the job seeking process,
  • the job interview,
  • first day at work,
  • difficult situations that can arise while at work.


The tool will support young jobseekers by helping them to overcome problems that can arise not only when searching for a job, but also during the recruitment process and trial period, once they have been picked for the position.


AIJU and its partners in the consortium, led by ASPALI, are now working to define 10 problem situations that can commonly arise during the job search and selection process, along with 40 possible responses to help users move forward. All the formulations currently being developed for the chatbot are designed to meet the specific needs of young people with ASD.


The tool is expected to be finished within the next few months and will be available free of charge and in five languages, including Spanish.


The following entities are also involved in the project: ALP (Austria), IPHSS (Italy) and SCPC (Romania).


For more information: Noemí Rando –


development of a chatbot to help young people with ASD to find a job