AIJU update on current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak

Given the need to face the health alert caused by COVID ‐ 19 and following the provisions and recommendations of the health authorities, at AIJU we have established a series of measures in order to guarantee the safety and health of our workers, members and customers:

  1. Promotion of telework in all those positions where the type of work allows it, while guaranteeing the quality of the service, with special attention given to any vulnerable workers.
  2. In the case of those activities in which teleworking is not possible, measures have been established such as distribution of personnel into two shifts, suspension of the activity of internship personnel, etc. in order to avoid the unnecessary meeting of people and possible infections.
  3. Restriction of all the workshops, courses, meetings or visits of any kind that could arise, carrying them out, whenever possible, online or by teleconference.
  4. Samples will be delivered to the reception and there will be no human contact with the personnel who deposit them. Technical questions will be resolved by phone or via email with the responsible technician.
  5. Prohibition to make any trips that are not strictly necessary.
  6. Reinforcement of the cleaning service and ventilation in all those areas that may favour transmission.
  7. All AIJU personnel have exhaustive information about the virus, its transmission routes, and preventive measures. In the event that a case of the coronavirus is detected, the people with whom they have been in contact will be informed immediately in order to apply the necessary actions.


At AIJU we will remain very attentive to the evolution of the current situation, hoping that we can revoke these measures as soon as possible.

We thank our workers, members and collaborators for their exemplary behaviour until now and we will keep you all informed of any new developments that may occur.

We continue working to fulfil the commitments established with our customers and remain at your disposal through the usual AIJU channels.

The situation is complex, but together we will overcome it.

Thanks for your cooperation.