User Validation Services

We are currently facing a market that is saturated with children’s products, one in which it is difficult to differentiate oneself from the competition.

Studies with consumers allow us to know the needs, demands and preferences of the buyer (mothers, fathers or other relatives) and of the user (the child) and help us to define differential values in the product that increase the motivation to purchase and generate the request from the child.

The act of making a purchase is a complex process and it is difficult to obtain  information about users and consumers of children’s products, how the consumer uses our product, what he or she thinks of it, if they find it attractive, etc..

The validation of concepts, prototypes or products with actual users helps companies to define strategies that guarantee a competitive positioning.

Validation services with child users

  •  Tests with users to measure the usability or the prototypes of a company’s products.
    •  Analysis of the usability of hygiene, food, health and toy products from the child’s perspective, based on standardised protocols for specific sectors.
    •  Studies with elderly people, people with disabilities or in special situations.
  •  Assessment with experts to know the prescriptive power of a product and its capacity to generate business.
    •  Market analysis to know the competition and differential values.
    •  Assessment with experts in the children’s market to know the commercial potential of ideas, concepts and products.
  •  Identification of insights of the different social profiles of today’s boys and girls in order to adapt the packaging and sales strategy.
    •  Analysis of the company’s product portfolio.
    •  Definition of gaps and growth areas for the company.
  •  Attractiveness and buyer motivation test to evaluate the commercial potential of a product or concept designed in a specific market.
    •  Validation of new concepts/prototypes to know how acceptable they are to the consumer.
    •  Detection of insights that motivate the child to make a request, and brakes on making a purchase.
    •  Analysis of products vis-à-vis the competition.
    •  Express studies to obtain consumer feedback in 5 days.
  •  Adaptation to the company’s different international target markets.
    •  Studies with consumers, on a quantitative level, in the European and American markets.
    •  Definition of the most outstanding values in each context and suggestions for improvement.
  •  Knowledge of the demand for leisure and didactic products in schools and therapy centres.
    •  Assessment of concepts, designs and prototypes with teachers, psychologists, pedagogues, paediatricians and other specialists involved in therapies for children.
    •  Reports on new learning theories supported by leisure materials.

Competitive advantages through user validation

Information on competitive advantages, differential values, brakes and improvements.
Understand what motivates a child to make a purchase and/or a request.
Understand the user through profile segmentation.
Obtain psycho-pedagogical and learning values from your products

Technology experts and user studies

We have an expert in user studies who selects the most appropriate qualitative and quantitative techniques for the objectives and the target, combined with the application of the latest neuromarketing techniques.

We have a ChildLab and ToyLab in which we perform studies with high-quality and detailed recordings and streaming, where we put in practice such techniques as focus groups, personal interviews, usability tests, sessions with experts, studies with “eye-tracking”, electro-thermal activity, cerebral imaging, and other bio-sensors. We also have a network of collaborators that allow us to perform ethnographic studies in real environments.

These studies are carried out with more than 10,000 Spanish families, children, young people, families and the elderly. In addition, we collaborate with more than 400 schools, Day Centres and Early Attention Centres throughout Spain.

Our experience in children's research is our endorsement

25 years’ experience in children’s market research, both qualitative and quantitative.

A team that comprises psychologists, sociologists, pedagogues, teachers, educators, children’s animators, designers and market analysts, is constantly being trained in new social research tools and we have collaborators in children’s environments to guarantee a suitable approach to children based on the child’s trust and knowledge.

We comply with all national and international codes of ethics for the practice of social and market research with children.

The dominance of the children’s market in all the phases of the value chain, and our experience in monitoring the evolution of our market, allows us to offer not only reports on results to companies, but also valuable recommendations to assure a proper use of the information obtained by the company.

Encarna Torres
Validation with users
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