Future Trend Services

Trends are pathways of innovation which, although they may have impact at different times, nevertheless influence sales and ways of understanding consumer needs

Knowing which phenomena correspond to passing fads and which phenomena are really trends that will last longer is important for strategic orientation.

These trends will become engines of change for your company because when you apply them in your company they will allow you to anticipate new demands and new scenarios in the competitive environment, increasing your success and ensuring increased business.

Trend services in children's and leisure products

  •  Specific reports on trends in games and toys, child care products and other children’s products.
    • Study of products for children and/or young people presented at the main international fairs.
    • Study of trends in social changes among children and young people.
    • Specific reports on individual product categories.
  •  Specific reports on trends in new materials.
  •  Children’s product reports that incorporate new digital and immersive technologies.
  •  Monitoring of children’s fashions and licences.
  •  Identification of market gaps.
    •  Localisation of market opportunities and gaps by analysing the gaps that exist between emerging trends and the company’s product portfolio.
    •  Range audit, with a detailed analysis of the company’s current portfolio. Analysis of key products and a proposal for the restructuring of the product portfolio.
    •  Application of trends to define or assess how the catalogue or point of sale is organised.
  •  Content development for marketing.
    •  Creation of content based on social, consumer or product trends.
    •  Drafting of texts for communication in packaging and catalogues.
    •  Preparation of content for social networks.

Benefits of knowing what is trending in children’s and leisure products

Knowledge of the sector of interest to each company in order to create new concepts, products or services.
Specific information on emerging innovation channels and sources of information to monitor market developments.
Information to adjust strategies, developments and communication to new market realities.
All the company's teams will be trained in trends and in the knowledge of the child and youth target.
Applied information on trends will be decisive when it comes to tackling the new challenges that companies in the children's and leisure product market will face in the future.

We capture and apply future trends in children's production

  •   We carry out detailed international monitoring of the key variables that determine changes in social, product and child consumption.
  •   We analyse new interests, family attitudes, innovative and significant products, aesthetics and themes, as well as new materials and new technologies applied to the market of games, toys, videogames, child care, playgrounds, children’s food and promotions.
  •  We explore new strategies in communication channels – TV, YouTube, Social Networks -, retail and distribution.
  •  We analyse the information we gather from the industry’s most important trade fairs, international congresses, specialised magazines, articles and news, among others, to define the new directions the market is taking, in reports and trend bulletins.

Our knowledge of trends as an element of confidence

Specialised in monitoring social trends, design, and product and with considerable expertise in materials and new digital and immersive technologies, our multidisciplinary team analyses the evolution of trends.

More than 15 years’ experience in researching children’s and market trends. We are part of the International Trends Committee of the Toy Fair in Nuremberg. We participate regularly in the Toy Business Forum of the Spielwarenmsse and the Trend Forum of Kind & Jugend.

Clara Blasco
Future trends
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