Children's Product Innovation Services

The enormous amount of children’s products that exist today forces companies to find original and effective solutions that really stand out in the market.

Innovation methodologies have proven to be necessary if we are to empathise with our customer and create new products.

The involvement of the company and end users in the innovation process generates close-up solutions with a higher percentage of acceptance.

We prepare and help companies to generate new products and differential services in the children’s market.

Services for children's product innovation

Creativity and innovation workshops to identify problems and generate concepts. Design Thinking, company teams will empathise with the user and generate solutions in line with their expectations.

  •  Organisation of workshops in the business environment, the natural environment of the product or service, or in AIJU’s facilities.
  •  Motivational sessions with company teams or participative sessions with end users.

Co-creation sessions with users, to detect problems, find solutions and create value.

  •  Preparation of creative environments for thinking “outside the box”: free of judgment environments and inspiring material.
  •  Motivational and participative sessions between the company and the target users.

Characterisation of the competition’s offer in the international field.

  •  Customised reports on categories of children’s products: games, toys, child care products, promotions, videogames, apps, etc.
  •  Tailor-made reports on specific targets (needs and desires, worlds of influence, values etc.)
  •  Analysis of the offer in competitive products, study of gaps and gaps worth exploring.

Detection of new business and market opportunities.

  •  Market gaps with commercial potential to succeed in the child and youth target.
  •  Evaluation of ideas and concepts defined by companies to assess their market potential.

Benefits of innovating in children's products

Receive training in new design methodologies to obtain innovative solutions in the children's market.
Obtain motivating working methods for strategic innovation management.
Locate market gaps and know your international positioning.
Reduce uncertainty when it comes to making decision as to new concepts.

Methods we use to innovate in children's products

We have our own methodology focused on the children’s market, which combines Design Thinking techniques and flexible methodologies that allow us to identify, create and develop new solutions that satisfy the business strategy.

Our team has been applying user-centred design methodologies for more than 25 years.

Our direct work with companies allows us to connect with their design and development teams in order to adapt in each case to each one’s level of prior knowledge and to help it grow at the right pace.

Professionals in children's product innovation

Our team has great expertise in knowledge obtained from both the psychopedagogical approach and from the market, trends and innovation approach.

In addition, our knowledge in product design and development complements this vision of user demand with the most creative and up-to-date ways of working to ensure the proper preparation of reports, creativity workshops and analysis of the potential for success of new concepts obtained by companies.

Clara Blasco
Children's Product Innovation
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