Communication and Marketing Services

Many channels exist today that allow consumers to form their opinion about a brand and / or a product. Knowing the needs of child consumers is vital if you are to adapt to their communication and marketing.

We take families’ needs and we transfer them as well as how to spread differential values depending on the potential of each product.

Communication and marketing services for child consumers

Definition of iconography for toy catalogues and packaging.

  •  We offer a service that includes the of selection and revision of icons for each product and we train the company in how to use them correctly. “Icontoy” highlights the psycho-pedagogical aspects of products and their fundamental aspects; it unifies and standardises the symbology used by companies and organisations involved in toys.

Assessment of the accessibility of games and toys

  •  Our experts perform an in-depth analysis of specific games and toys to assess their accessibility for children with functional and/or intellectual diversity.
  •  Use of the tool TUET (Toys & Games Usability Evaluation Tool), a European analysis method to assess the physical characteristics of play materials according to the needs of children with some form of hearing, visual or motor disability.
  •  TUET

Brand perception studies for branding strategies

  •  Know the values a consumer associates with a brand and their weight in the construction of its image. Analysis of notoriety and search for differential values. Appropriate positioning and communication strategies for a brand, and their coherence.

Assessment of inclusiveness and the promotion of equality

  •  Assessment of the inclusive potential of concepts, products, packaging and catalogues of children’s products and toys, analysing the presence of gender stereotypes and studying how they tackle social diversity. Proposals for content, images and designs to improve inclusiveness in children’s products and services.

AIJU 3.0 guide

  •  Dissemination of games and toys based on studies of usability, accessibility and differential values, tested on target children, families and educators. An annual publication distributed to families, educational centres, paediatricians, etc., which offers companies technical advice on their products from a formal, psycho-pedagogical and recreational quality perspective.
  •  Development of a video of the unboxing of the product and its diffusion in the Guide’s channel on YouTube.
  •  AIJU Guide

Benefits for companies

Information to establish communication strategies, marketing plans and strategic plans based on the reality and needs of the consumer of today. Redirect your market positioning.
Increase the accessibility, inclusiveness and promotion of equality in your children's products.
Improve packaging and catalogue information to increase understanding of what your products has to offer.

How our child consumer team works

We are in contact with users: children, young people, families, teachers and other experts in childhood. Our numerous studies and investigations endorse us and endow us with a degree of expertise in childhood that is difficult to find in other market research companies.

We have two laboratories dedicated to the analysis of child and young users: ToyLab. And a network of families, schools and experts who collaborate with us.

Put your trust in our experts

A multidisciplinary team that forms a binomial between specialisation in marketing and market research and specialisation in childhood and the evolving needs of children. More than 25 years’ research into childhood.

We actively collaborate with teachers and experts in disability, health and childhood; we have Special Education Centres, Early Care Centres, as well as Day Centres for the elderly. We can study the behaviour, needs and wishes of families, children, young people, adults and the elderly, including specific groups with disabilities, health problems, etc. In addition, we benefit from the collaboration of such organisations as ONCE and CEAPAT for the analysis of specific targets.

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Communication and Marketing
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