Innovation in Thermoplastic Materials and Processes

Plastic materials are constantly evolving and it is one of the sectors with the greatest capacity for innovation. The versatility of plastic materials, the possibility of their functionalisation and the latest social trends towards more sustainable products from natural resources have established a paradigm shift in the plastic sector that is beginning to be reflected in social demand.

During the course of its research, AIJU has been working on different lines related to the development of new formulations of plastic materials for traditional processes such as 3D printing or additive manufacturing.

AIJU is therefore able to advise you on the most suitable materials with which to manufacture a product, depending on the strategy defined in that product and the materials that are available on the market. Depending on the needs of companies, AIJU undertakes new tailor-made projects to develop formulations of innovative materials.

Innovation services in new materials and processes

Development of new formulations of plastic materials.

AIJU develops new formulations of bio-plastic and biodegradable materials with functional properties, etc. adapted to specific production processes. These formulations are adjusted to the specific characteristics of the product, in order to roll articles onto the market that have greater versatility and added functionalities.

Among other aspects, AIJU supports you in the following:

  • Evaluation and selection of plastic materials, additives and dyes. Also, composite plastics.
  • Development of new formulations of plastic materials for traditional processes.
    • New plastic formulations at laboratory scale.
    • New plastic formulations on a pre-industrial scale.
  • Development of functional filaments for 3D printing.
  • Development of formulations for laser sintering.

Innovative materials in the children’s and industrial markets.

AIJU offers companies help in the bibliographic search and in deciding on and selecting materials that are adapted to their specific market. This market may be the children’s market (which develops products or services for sale in the consumer market aimed at child consumers) or the industrial market (which includes companies with their own product seeking solutions to industrial problems).

Choosing the right material will determine final production, cost, appearance and usefulness. It may also determine the various functionalities of the product not to mention brand image issues. In the case of children’s products, it is also essential to determine safety and quality factors.

Benefits of innovating in materials and processes

Developing your projects in AIJU before you launch them into the market of new innovative products based on materials with high innovative capacities provides you with:

Optimal development and sustainability of your products.
Decisions with guaranteed success in the approval of new ideas
Advice on legislative, technological and market requirements
We place laboratories equipped with the latest technology at your disposal
Opportunity to innovate through the solutions that AIJU comes up with for you
Highly experienced multidisciplinary team
High standards of confidentiality.
Expand your design possibilities with innovative materials

Equipment and infrastructure in innovative materials and processes

To undertake all the above tasks, we have a Manufacturing Laboratory that comprises different sections. Among others, we can highlight the product testing laboratory, another for laboratory-scale and industrial-scale processes for traditional technologies, and yet another for 3D Printing processes and additive manufacturing.

The equipment AIJU uses to develop new formulations of plastic materials includes:

  • Plastograph
  • Laboratory scale and industrial scale extruders
  • Laboratory scale and industrial scale injectors
  • Extrusion blow moulding line
  • Rotational moulding equipment
  • Pulverising mills

The formulations that are developed can be widely characterised in order to determine the final properties achieved.

Rely on our materials innovation team

Reconciling research and services provides state-of-the-art knowledge in materials innovation.

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