Limited Final Parts Series

Limited product series are of great interest to industries where product turnover is high or where the life cycle is very short, such as in the children’s product industry. This allows companies to validate the product prior to any large-scale production.

3D printing and prototyping technologies make it possible to produce limited series of parts and moulds, and to produce limited series of final parts. Additive manufacturing (using metal or plastic) is especially useful in the manufacture of prototype moulds for conventional production processes and different technologies permit the manufacture of limited series of final parts.

At AIJU we offer you the opportunity to make both pre-series of parts and prototype moulds adapted to the number of parts required.

Servicios de impresión de Moldes y obtención de pre-series de piezas

Additive manufacturing moulds or 3D printing.

Obtaining moulds with plastic materials using additive manufacturing and 3D printing technologies. These technologies allow us to obtain limited series of moulded parts with final material by means of the traditional moulding processes (injection, thermoforming, blowing). Moulds printed with polymeric materials are suitable when a company requires:

  • Fast response times (1 – 2 weeks).
  • Limited series of parts (10 – 100 units).
  • Mould/part designs where changes are expected.
  • Relatively small parts (less than 150 x 150 mm).
  • The moulding of elastomeric materials or commodities.

It is also possible to make moulds with metallic materials (aluminium or steel) and to obtain moulds or inserts for industrial production with complex geometries.

Pre-series of parts/limited series of final product.

This service allows you to obtain, by means of 3D Printing or additive manufacturing technologies, pre-series of parts, limited series of products or even tailor-made parts.

These technologies offer the following possibilities:

  • Obtaining full colour plastic parts from a 3D CAD file or digitised three-dimensional reverse engineering.
  • Obtaining pre-series of metallic parts from a 3D CAD file.
  • Obtaining limited series of resin parts that simulate a great variety of thermoplastics, similar to those of the product on an industrial scale.

Benefits of making product pre-series or prototype moulds with AIJU

Optimal development and sustainability of your products.
Decisions with guaranteed success in the approval of new ideas.
Advice on legislative, technological and market requirements
We place laboratories equipped with the latest technology at your disposal
In-depth study of the most appropriate technology.
Rigorous teamwork.
Guarantee of confidentiality.

We study the most appropriate technology with which to manufacture your parts

Additive Manufacturing Technologies:

  •  Selective laser melting (SLM).
  •  Plastic selective laser sintering (SLS).
  •  PolyJet 3D printing.
  •  3D Printing (FFF).
  •  Stereolithography (SLA/DLP).
  •  Vacuum casting using silicone moulds.

Equipment to create limited series

Our multidisciplinary team is able to offer you precise advice. In addition, our Manufacturing Lab is at your disposal, with the most advanced technologies in the different areas of knowledge.

AIJU has been developing projects with companies to successfully implement these technologies for the manufacture of limited series for more than five years.

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Limited series of finished products
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