Research into children’s skills in the use of technological toys in order to generate and rapidly transfer design guidelines to companies – TECH-TOYS INTERACTION






The TECH-TOYS INTERACTION R&D project (which is of a non-economic nature) arose from needs expressed by toy manufacturing companies in the Community of Valencia. Its main objective was to generate design guidelines for technological toys and rapid implementation tools based on research into the skills and abilities of children when they are interacting with technological toys.

The execution of the project focuses on the needs of the companies, and it is developed with their active participation in all the tasks, to ensure the generation of knowledge and the transfer of material that is clearly adapted to be quickly applied in the day-to-day life of the companies. To do so and from the outset, we will have the collaboration of the following companies: Kibi Toys, Miniland, Fábrica de Juguetes, FAMOSA, Claudio Reig and INJUSA. The objective is that is should act as a tractor project that makes the development of technological toys easier for the rest of the toy companies in the Community of Valencia.

The following are the main results that will be transferred to the companies:

  • Information on the technological trends in the toy sector.
  • Analysis of the requirements of users and companies in the use and development of technological toys.
  • Analysis of the evolutionary development of children in their interaction with technological toys and the generation of design guidelines.
  • Development of a technological toy demo product through the application of the knowledge generated in the project.
  • Generation of a Guide to Good Practices and a toolkit: This will include a single document containing the most relevant information about the project, so that it can be transferred to the companies in an easy and efficient way. The toolkit will be the easy-to-use version of the Guide to Good Practices, which will be applied during the product development workshops with the companies.
  • Start date: January 2019
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Status: Work in progress


This project is subsidised by IVACE, the Valencian Institute for Business Competitiveness of the Regional Government of Valencia, 50% co-financed through the FEDER Operational Programme of the Valencian Community 2014-2020.