Development of probiotics and value-added products from beer brewing waste – Biovalora


Beer brewing within the EU generates over 6 million tonnes of bagasse and a million tonnes of yeast. Bagasse is rich in protein and dietary fibre. However, 20% of bagasse waste gets disposed of in landfill sites, thus leading to a loss of a high value-added product.

Probiotics are highly regarded as a health promotion strategy. Brewing bagasse produces large quantities of phenolic acids with antioxidant properties as well as arabinoxylans with prebiotic, antioxidant, and immune-enhancing activities. Waste brewer’s yeast contains beta-glucans that have been found to reduce LDL cholesterol, mannan with prebiotic effect, and a high proportion of water-soluble B-complex vitamins.

But, could this brewing waste be implemented to obtain food supplements while using residual fibres from its processing as an additive in plastic products?

BioValora project will process beer brewing waste to obtain materials for the Biotechnology industry -functional ingredients, nutrients, probiotics, and prebiotics- and vegetable fibres to be loaded or used as an additive in plastic processing.

Firstly, phenolic compounds, proteins as well as its hydrolysates, lignocellulosic wastes, and fibres shall be extracted and characterized to that end.

Then, compounds will be selected and validated to obtain new functional ingredients.

And finally, brand-new products with fibres containing additives will be developed by injection at an industrial scale.

The project is led by the company Bioithas -specializing in pharmaceutical manufacturing and food supplement production, the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) -to optimize extraction and purification processes of the targeted substances, and the Technological Institute for Children’s Products & Leisure (AIJU, by its Spanish acronym), with long-standing experience in the use of vegetable fibres to achieve the formulation of plastic materials and bio-polymers.

BioValora -developing probiotics and value-added products from beer brewing waste. AIJU -your partner for developing brand-new products from bio-based polymers.


  • Agreement number : INNEST/2021/363
  • Starting day : 10 – oct- 2021
  • Duration : 2 año
  • Status : Iniciado
  • Amount requested : 155.771,53 €