immersive technologies




Immersive technologies R&D







The main objective is to carry out R&D tests on the new emerging technologies, in order to assess their applicability in the sectoral environment.

To this end, a technological observatory has been working throughout the year, analysing trends and new technologies. We also attended specialised fairs.

Each time an opportunity is detected, development, programming and integration tests are carried out with digital content: resources are programmed, the available assets are tested, objects are modelled, 360º environments are captured and trials are carried out that make it possible to determine to what extent this technology can be easily integrated into the corporate environment.


IVACE PROGRAMME: GVA line to boost the capacity and activity of AIJU in order to develop excellence in R&D, disseminating the results of the research carried out and facilitating and driving the transfer of knowledge to companies in the Community of Valencia.

  • Start date: January 2019
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Status: Work in progress