Development of high-performance, low-cost fuel cells for portable applications

The objective of the project is to continue developing advanced energy generation systems based on fuel cells, using the latest materials that are available on the market and reducing their weight to facilitate their integration into portable applications.

Once we have built the fuel cell, it will be tested and validated on AIJU’s test bench. Obtaining data on energy density, performance and contact resistance between components.

The specific results that we hope to obtain from this project are:

  • Improved design of the preliminary 1 kW fuel cell prototype.
  • Increased density of the battery current by using advanced Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEA).
  • Use of lighter materials to facilitate their use in portable applications.
  • Testing of the latest materials on the market to maximize system performance.
  • Reduction of manufacturing costs, by using MEAs with low noble metal content, as well as the evaluation of bipolar plates with simpler designs that make it possible to reduce machining times and/or alternative materials to the composites loaded with carbon that are traditionally used.

  • Start date: January 2018.
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Status: Completed
  • Amount granted: € 91,084.81

Sectors of application:

  • Mobility.
  • Energy and Water.
  • Technological areas:
    • Technological Line 1-1: Energy Technologies

Aid Programme:

A line from the Regional Government of Valencia (GVA) strengthen the capacity and activity of AIJU to develop excellence in R&D, disseminate the results of the research carried out and facilitate and promote the transfer of knowledge to companies in the Valencian Community.

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