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In an increasingly digitalised and globalised world, the need for security, transparency and sustainability in product information management is essential. This is particularly critical in sensitive sectors such as the toy industry, where product security and authenticity have a direct effect on child welfare.

The toy sector is currently facing big challenges in terms of product traceability and authenticity. The lack of reliable information on the origin and composition of toys makes it impossible to ensure that they are safe and comply with health and environmental regulation, which poses risks for consumers and the environment.

But, how can businesses ensure the authenticity and safety of their products? Is it possible to improve product sustainability during its life cycle, from production to final disposition, so that it complies with circular economy and sustainability regulation?

The development of a blockchain technology-based system that facilitates the creation of a Digital Product Passport has been conceived. This system would allow immutable verification of product information, improving traceability and ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulation.

The project begins with blockchain technology integration for the development of safe Digital Passports that can store each product’s critical data, from its manufacturing to its final life cycle.

A friendly and accessible user interface is then implemented so that producers, government bodies and consumers can verify and easily manage the Product Digital Passport’s information.

Finally, security and privacy protocols are implemented, which ensure sensitive information will be managed in a way that is safe and complies with data protection laws.

The blockchain technology used in AIPASSPORTGUARDNET has been previously tested and validated in other industrial sectors to ensure data security and integrity, offering the toy sector a robust and reliable solution.

Implementing AIPASSPORTGUARDNET will position toy sector businesses in the leading edge of digitalisation and sustainability, offering safe and traceable products that comply with both modern consumer expectations and environmental regulation.

The project with the acronym AIPASSPORTGUARDNET, “Development of a Digital Product Passport integration system for the toy sector” is financed and supported by the Dirección General de Innovación (Department of Innovation, Industry, Commerce and Tourism), led by AIJU and in cooperation with the companies GAME MOVIL S.L., INDUSTRIA AUXILIAR JUEMA S.L., JUGUETES CAYRO S.L. and the AEFJ (Spanish Toy Manufacturers Association).

This project promises to transform the toy industry into more sustainable and responsible practices.


File number: CONV24/DGINN/20
Start date: 01/02/2024
Duration: 11 months
Status: Initiated
Subsidized amount: 270.000,00 €


Name: Jose C. Sola
Telephone: 965554475


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