UnDErstanding consumer food choices & promotion of healthy and sustainable Mediterranean diet and LIfestyle in Children and adolescents through behavIOUral change actionS – DELICIOUS










DELICIOUS is a 3-year project aiming to boost the attractiveness of sustainable and healthy Med lifestyle (MD + physical activity) in Med societies, by raising awareness of their beneficial impact for the human and planet health.

This global objective will be attained through age- and culture-adapted educational actions in schools, complemented with customized MD-based menus in school canteens and enhanced with new Med healthy snacks.

The specific objectives pursued are:

  • Identify, qualify and quantify the factors influencing a decline in MD adherence in children & adolescences in the Med region, including those related to consumer needs and preferences, and taking into account local determinants of food choices.
  • Assess the sustainability of different MD recipes considering 3 perspectives: environmental (via Life Cycle Assessment, LCA), economic (via Life Cycle Costing, LCC) and social (via Social Life Cycle Assessment, S-LCA).
  • Design culture-adapted physical activity intervention programs in schools to prevent and reduce obesity in Med children and adolescents and promote an active lifestyle.
  • Develop, produce and validate new food products and reformulate recipes in line with the MD, targeting children and adolescents.
  • Develop a digital platform (web/app) that provides weekly diet plans based on Med recipes with a nutritional balance and transparency of sustainability data.
  • Implement educational actions in schools to promote a dietary shift in Mediterranean children and adolescents increasing the adherence to MD.
  • Maximise the impact of the project through dissemination and communication of the project results to different audiences and through exploitation activities.


File number: PRIMA 2021, GA 2131
Start date: 01/04/2022
Duration: 36 months
Status: Initiated
Subsidized amount: 376.687,50€


Name: Pablo Busó
Telephone: 659760436
E-mail: pablobuso@aiju.es


Horizon 2020 European Union Funding For Research & Innovation




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