Development of a mobile robot for flexible automation – MOVIBOT












The objective of this project is to develop a mobile robotic system consisting of an intelligent mobile platform, to which a collaborative robotic arm will be attached. This system will be able to perform autonomous movements and it will be possible to use it in many collaborative tasks, in changing production systems such as the toy sector and the plastic products production sector.

The developed system will be fitted with appropriate sensors (proximity sensor, 2D or 3D cameras, etc.), so it can correctly perform its assigned tasks and movements, in a way that is safe for equipment and people. It will be able to perform a great number of tasks, such as transporting loads, assembly tasks, machine feeding, etc. The mobile system will make it possible to carry out tasks in different workstations that are separated from one another, as it will be able to perform transport tasks as it moves between stations.

The robotic system and/or the workstation will be equipped with artificial vision systems that will make it possible to obtain appropriate information, such as the position, orientation, distance, etc. of the objects that are going to be manipulated, making the system more flexible and allowing it to adapt easily to future applications within the productive processes of the toy sector and the plastic products production sector. In addition, this flexible system will make it possible to introduce robotics into productive systems without the need for structural modifications and huge investments.

The following developments will be carried out within the project:

  • Development of the robotic system: we will develop the necessary systems for the creation of a robotic system. These developments will include the design of the hardware that is necessary both for the assembly of the robotic system and its control and programming systems, and for the implementation of the navigation systems, artificial vision, power supply and the necessary safety systems that ensure the system will perform its tasks in a safe and reliable way.
  • Development of a demonstrator: We will develop a work station equipped with the necessary systems that will allow the robot to perform a correct positioning, obtaining information on its position and the task it has to perform. The demonstrator will be equipped with the necessary hardware elements and communication systems that will allow the robot to obtain the necessary data about the pieces it will manipulate, as well as its connection to the electricity power supply and/or battery recharging.
  • Development of tools:  We will develop versatile robotic tools that will make it possible to perform assembly, transport and manipulation tasks for different types of parts; it will be able to incorporate a tool exchange system.
  • Development of algorithms: We will carry out R&D into algorithms for:
    • Navigation and trajectory planning to guide the robot through the work place.
    • Artificial vision destined to the recognition and positioning of parts, as well as to ensure the safety of people during navigation and during the execution of its tasks.
    • Control and communications, needed for the correct execution of the assigned processes, and to obtain the information needed for the synchronisation of tasks between the mobile platform, the robotic arm and the workstations.


  • Starting date: 01/01/2019
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Status: Work in progress


This project is subsidised by IVACE, the Valencian Institute for Business Competitiveness of the Regional Government of Valencia, 50% co-financed through the FEDER Operational Programme of the Valencian Community 2014-2020.