Additive manufacturing is constantly evolving, searching for new materials that make it possible to bring additive manufacturing closer to a final part or that confers new properties on that part.

In this way, our goal is to obtain new functionalities within additive manufacturing by using plastic materials as a way to generate conductivity for FFF, SLA or SLS technologies.

In the case of metals, the aim is to optimise the manufacturing parameters of different materials, both for the additive manufacturing of entire parts and for hybrid additive manufacturing on machined parts.


IVACE PROGRAMME: GVA line to boost the capacity and activity of AIJU in order to develop excellence in R&D, disseminating the results of the research carried out and facilitating and driving the transfer of knowledge to companies in the Community of Valencia.

  • Start date: January 2019
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Status: Work in progress