Support for the declaration of conformity

Materials and articles in contact with food, according to Regulation No. 1935/2004, must be accompanied by a declaration of conformity with the applicable measures. This document is essential for the correct exchange of information throughout the supply chain and is the best flagship with which to present your product.

In the case of plastic materials, the model declaration is provided by Regulation No. 10/2011. Other products such as melamine tableware or polyamide household utensils have declaration of conformity requirements that are specified in different pieces of legislation.

Description of services related to the declaration of conformity

The services we offer are:

  •  Support in drafting the declaration of conformity.
  •  Study of supporting documentation.

Benefits of using the support service in the declaration of conformity

Generate trust in your products
We certify the validity of the analyses we perform
Ensure you comply with current legislation
  •  The declaration of conformity is a mandatory document for all articles in contact with food. Its complexity lies in the type of material involved and, therefore, in the specific legislation associated with that material.
  •  Our experience in carrying out migration tests as well as other requirements is an important advantage for the customer. The precise content of the declaration and of the supporting documentation is guaranteed by the implementation of a documentary study which gives the client a clear competitive advantage.

How we support the declaration of conformity

Our technical team is multidisciplinary and fully trained in the requirements of both the quality control processes and the documentation that is required in these declarations, as well as in the different legislative requirements. Our customers send us whatever documentation they have available for a particular product. After our technicians have reviewed it, we contact them again to let them know whatever incidences we have uncovered. The integration of all our services allows us to propose the next guidelines that they should follow.

Confidence in our support for the declaration of conformity

We place the experience that our technical staff has gained throughout our history at the service of our customers, thereby allowing them to properly complete the declaration of conformity.

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Declaration of conformity
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