Assessment of labelling and instructions

Labelling on objects in contact with food not only guarantees correct information for the consumer, but is also required by European Regulation No. 1935/2004. Depending on the type of product, other aspects regulated by specific regulations may also be involved (e.g. feeding bottles, cutlery and feeding utensils, flasks that contain food, etc.).

Revising its labelling in accordance with the legislation and also with respect to the regulations, when they exist and are specific, avoids sanctions that harm a company.

Services relating to assessments on labelling and instructions

The services we offer are:

  •  Revision of labelling for articles in contact with food.
  •  Revision of instructions depending on the use of the product and/or specific regulations.

Benefits of assessing your labelling and instructions

Generate trust in your products
We certify the validity of the analyses we perform
Ensure you comply with current legislation

The labelling revision service in accordance with Framework Regulation Nº1935/2004 on materials and objects in contact with food, accompanied or not as the case may be, by a revision in accordance with specific regulations, when these exist, avoids the client having to face possible sanctions, which can be quite substantial on occasions.

How we assess labelling and instructions

Our staff is fully trained in this area and regularly attends the standardisation committee meetings that not only discuss analytical methods but also issues related to regulatory labelling. Thanks to our continuous and constant updating, not to mention our knowledge of regulatory trends, our staff is able to provide you with all the necessary guidance to ensure that product labelling is not a problem for you.

Confidence in delivering an assessment of labelling and instructions

Our technical capacity, the confidential nature of our relationship with our clients, and the proximity of our technicians are the best guarantees of our work.

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Assessment of labelling and instructions
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