Research on recyclability of thermoplastic waste through large format 3D printing – R3Tornado







The European Commission’s (EC) effort to lead the transition to a circular economy (CE) is obvious. For this purpose, disassociating the use of resources from economic growth requires a commitment to efficiency in the use of resources, waste reduction and reuse. In the field of plastics, the EC is committed to reaching a recycling rate of 55% of waste in its territory by 2030, which in 2020 stood at 35% (46% of packaging waste).

Adjusting waste for its transformation and use in new production processes requires analyzing the quality of the recyclates used in target applications, while ensuring their availability in the supply chain.

On the other hand, can these wastes be valorized in the value chain of large format 3D printing? And can it be done in an efficient process with lower energy costs? Lastly, is 3D printing a sufficient entity to contribute to the circular economy?

It is proposed to carry out a study on the recycling ecosystem of thermoplastic waste for its valorization, as feedstock, in advanced large-format 3D printing processes and high productivity.

R3Tornado, “reintegration of thermoplastic waste in large format 3D printing”.

The R3Tornado project is coordinated by the Clúster de Empresas Innovadoras Valle del Juguete and participated by the Spanish technological centers Idonial and AIJU, also by Centro Español del Plástico and the Spanish companies Promak and Acteco.


File number: AEI-010500-2023-233

Funding: Agencia Estatal de Investigación (State Investigation Agency)

Start date: 18/04/2023

End date: 17/04/2024


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