Research and development in flexible electronics applied to large-surface pressure sensors and push buttons – FLEXENS









The intention of the project is to carry out research into flexible electronics and their integration into plastic materials that can result in innovative products that meet the needs and interests of the market.

To this end, a pressure sensitive device specifically for use in the toy industry will be developed and obtained. The research is being carried out in three key aspects:

  • Design and development of flexible pressure sensors
  • Integration of the above by means of in mould label injection (IML) and in composite materials in the case of large surface sensors.
  • Integration and improvement of a previously developed communication protocol (API) that extends the interactivity of the traditional toy.

During the course of the project several prototype toys that will demonstrate the technology will be obtained. These will serve as a basis for the SMEs that are involved, so that they can exploit the results in the future.

The transfer actions will be via meetings in which we will present the results to the interested companies, visits to these companies and, assuming we obtain satisfactory results, seminars at which we will transfer the results.

You can obtain additional information through our corporate tools or by contacting us at

Project subsidised by IVACE, the Valencian Institute for Business Competitiveness of the Regional Government of Valencia, 50% co-financed through the FEDER Operational Programme of the Valencian Community 2014-2020, under file IMDEEA/2018/47

  • Start date: 01/04/2018
  • Area: Materials.
  • Contact: Paco Varela
  • Duration: 31/12/2018
  • Status: Approved
  • File number: IMDEEA/2018/47. Amount granted: € 89,557.74
  • Web:
  • Pillar: R&D
  • Typology: Participate