biodiesel avanzado a partir de residuos animales


Advanced production of biodiesel from animal waste using supercritical technology – LIFE Superbiodiesel




In Europe more than 17 million tons of animal by-products (SANDACH) are processed, which produces 2.85 million tons of animal fat. Part of this animal fat processed in Europe is just disposed of in rubbish tips or it is incinerated.

The Life Superbiodiesel project is an alternative way to recover and use this waste and its objective is to develop, test and prove that biodiesel can be produced from animal waste by using new fat transesterification technology in supercritical conditions with new heterogeneous catalysts.

As well as coordinating the project, AIJU is in charge of putting together these catalysts, as monoliths with different shapes, using its own production technology that has recently been patented. By replacing the homogenous catalysts with heterogeneous structures, which have good mechanical strength and catalytic activity, the catalysts can be used again, without any soap formation, which improves the quality of the biofuel produced.




The project started in June, 2020; it is currently in the initial stage so no relevant results have been obtained so far.


Website: [Under construction]


  • File number: LIFE19 CCM/ES/001189
  • Starting date: 01/06/2020
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Status: In progress


Coordinator contact details:

  • Name: Rubén Beneito / Elena Marchante
  • Telephone number: +34 965554475
  • E-mail:

biodiesel avanzado