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The European Plastics Strategy, by means of the Green Deal & Circular Economy Action Plan 2.0, addresses the need for new methods to reliably calculate, verify and report the recycled content in products, thus boosting the increase of recycled content in everyday products against the use of virgin materials.

Nevertheless, measuring the recycled content in products is very complex, since it requires product tracing to the production source and establishing, apart from this recycled content, the composition of the recyclate, their mechanical properties, and the screening of substances of concern.

But are there in the market easy-to-use methodologies for sorting, sampling, tracing and recycling plastic waste streams?

A new methodology is being developed with this aim, including the detection and separation of legacy additives along with standard analysis procedures for both plastic waste materials and recyclates.

Initially, consistently high quality and safe-to-use recyclates are being produced based on their degradation degree in order to achieve added-value products with predicted lifetime.

In parallel, smart tracing systems via digital systems are being developed to ensure the quality and safety of reused materials, thus targeting a sustainable, transparent and functional Circular Economy Model for the recycling market.

Finally, the environmental and financial viability of these solutions will be assessed throughout the life cycle and cost analysis to reach competitive prices of recycled products.

Three demonstrators (home appliances, toys/learning resources and recycled textile) are being obtained in order to ensure all the previous aspects, when it comes to warranting the replicability of the methodology in other industries such as packaging, vehicles, and electric/electronic components.

You can find all the information on the PRecycling project website.

PRecycling to be, a sustainable, transparent and functional Circular Economic model for the recycling market.


  • Referee: Project 101058670 — PRecycling
  • Funding: HORIZON-CL4-2021-RESILIENCE-01
  • Start: 01-04-2022
  • End: 31-03-2026



Name: Pepi Galvañ
Phone: 34 96 555 44 75

PRecycling is a Horizon Europe Funded Project composed of 17 partners from all over Europe whose aim is to boost recycling of consumer products.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission




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