This action allows extending the visibility and the position of the R&D activities of the centre, help to increase the participation of PMEs associates in European projects and to support the cooperation with other organizations, contributing to improve the competition in the industry and increase the return of Europeans founds.

Thanks to the trend of globalisation, we have realised activities focused on 2 main actions:

  • On one side, we have stimulated the participation of the centre in international programs in connection with the AIJU activities obtaining, this way, a better visibility in forums and events of interest to boost the European cooperation in R&D. We have also expanded the network of contacts and strengthen the presence in platforms and strategic groups; passing all this in the R&D+I activities that the centre realise at European and global level.

  • On the other side, the participation of AIJU in the certification and standardization of security committee in sectors related to infantile products in keeping with the distinct global standardization committee (CEN) where AIJU has participated, with the double objective to realise the follow-up of the distinct proposals for work and to validate test methods proposed in our laboratory.

Expected results :

Increase the visibility of the centre in forums of interest with the presence of AIJU in global/European platforms and events, consolidating and in keeping with activities inside networks in which AIJU is present or realizing follow-up of platforms/forums related to our interests.

In this way, thanks to the participation in various events and the collaboration in activities inside the working groups, we have realised networking actions, knowing first-hand programs and have had access to information that have facilitated our activity and the activity of our new associates in initiatives or European projects.

All this to increase and stimulate the development of R&D activities at international level and to generate benefit for the children products and leisure industries.

Funded by:

This R&D project is funded by the Valencian Institute of Companies Competitiveness (IVACE) and the European Fund of Regional Development (FEDER) through the Operative Program FEDER of the Valencian Community 2014-2020.