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The objective of this research line is to be able to offer companies new opportunities for the use of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, through the development and application of new materials for AM. Thanks to the practically unlimited design and manufacturing possibilities that these technologies present when working layer by layer, the advancement in technologies and in the knowledge of these, as well as the availability of new materials, global research is directed towards the manufacture not only of mere prototypes but also of high performance parts. Therefore, the development of new and more advanced materials, as well as the search for innovative applications, is key in the evolution of AM technologies.

Metal additive manufacturing


Metal additive manufacturing is one of the pillars of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (also known as Industry 4.0), which is a transformation that makes it possible to collect and analyze data on all machines, enabling faster, more flexible and efficient processes, to produce more quality goods with a higher level of agility and at reduced costs. Studies show that by 2029 the global metal additive manufacturing market will reach some 13 billion dollars, through the sale of materials, printing systems, final parts and services. Thus, a greater growth of metal additive manufacturing will be observed, in the production of final parts and as a service/support technology for companies.

At AIJU we promote the implementation of this technology in companies, through the transfer of knowledge, increasing awareness about it and carrying out R&D studies, success stories with demonstrators, prototypes, etc.

The main objective of this research line at AIJU is the development of new methods, the application of new materials and the investigation of new treatments for parts manufactured by metal additive manufacturing.

The specific objectives of this R&D line include:
(i) Strengthening of AIJU’s experience, knowledge and expertise for the application of metal additive manufacturing in injection molding as one of the main sectors of the associated companies.
(ii) Manufacture of molds and inserts, as well as creation of CNC+SLM hybrids.
(iii) Finding new applications for laser powder bed fusion (PBF-L) or selective laser fusion (SLM) technology.


• Test bench for injection molds with shaped cooling channels.
• “Single track” type tests
• Metallographic characterization
• Sintering tests with brass
• Heat treatment tests to optimize hardness of tool steel parts.
• Simulation of the SLM process in order to predict the manufacturability of parts

• Improve our R&D and innovation capabilities in metal additive manufacturing, in order to promote new European, national or regional projects, as well as new opportunities for collaboration with companies.
• Increase knowledge about the technology and its application in new materials (such as copper-based alloys).
• Publication of results in scientific journals
• Attendance at conferences, committees, forums, platforms and fairs
• Increase the visibility of our metal additive manufacturing capabilities on the AIJU website.


  • File number: IMAMCE/2021/1
  • Starting date: 1st January 2021
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Status: Finished
  • Amount subsidised: 2.002.358 €














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