Development of moulds and inserts for thermoplastic transformation processes using additive manufacturing technologies - MOLDPRINT

The general objective of the Moldprint project is to develop moulds or inserts using additive manufacturing technologies and materials for the transformation of thermoplastic materials through processes that involve the injection, thermoforming and blowing of plastic parts. The moulds or inserts obtained will then undergo post-treatments to improve their mechanical and thermal properties, as well as improvements in their surface finishes (polishes and coatings). The ultimate purpose of these moulds is their validation in both simulated and real industrial environments. During the course of the project, we will endeavour to complement and solve the problems that moulds currently have in these moulding processes, such as improvements to the cooling system and the reduction of cycle times by means of conformal cooling, the use of metallic materials with a porous structure that allows air and volatile substances to escape in areas far from the mould partition, the distribution of vacuum pressure over the entire surface of the part during thermoforming, or the creation of prototype moulds with which to produce small batches of parts with final material. Other benefits that these technologies may bring would centre on obtaining prototype moulds with which to obtain small batches of parts with final material. In order to obtain fully functional parts, we require the active participation of companies that actively collaborate in defining technical specifications, potential improvements in their processes and services, and the design of moulds or inserts for each process.   Project results: The following results are expected:

  • Demonstrators of moulds or prototype inserts by means of additive manufacturing technologies using both plastic and metallic materials for:
  • injection moulding
  • thermoforming; and
  • blowing.
  • Validation of conformal cooling in injection, thermoforming and blowing moulds or inserts.
  • Validation of porous inserts for:
  • Air and volatile substance outlets during the filling of injection moulds
  • The creation of a vacuum during the moulding phase of thermoforming moulds
  • The escape of trapped air during the moulding phase of blowing moulds
  • Validation of demonstrators in simulated or real industrial environments.
  • Dissemination and transfer of results.

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Project subsidised by IVACE, the Valencian Institute for Business Competitiveness of the Regional Government of Valencia, 50% co-financed through the FEDER Operational Programme of the Valencian Community 2014-2020, under file IMDEEA/2018/38

  • Start date: 01/01/2018
  • Area: Materials.
  • Duration: 31/12/2018

File No: IMDEEA/2018/38. Amount granted: € 152,302.91

Status: Approved


Pillar: R&D

Typology: Leader


  • Contact: Asunción Martínez
  • Telephone: 965554475
  • e-mail: