“This project has developed the latest generation visualisation system that will enable 3D projection in large format environments, taking advantage of existing projection infrastructure. In addition, it has adapted and integrated individual and group interaction technologies that will enable improvement not only of content visualisation but also interaction in various spheres. This project was funded by the ERDF. Therefore the project sponsors included Brainstorm Multimedia, a real time visualisation software development company that has sufficient experience in the development of ICT solutions. Also participating were Indra Software Lab, LabHuman, and Asociación Cluster Telecomunicaciones (GAIA). Another important collaborator was L’Hemisfèric of the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia. L’Hemisfèric has an IMAX large format projection system, bringing a unique experience of the audiovisual world. L’Hemisfèric will make its facilities available so that the Lumínica system can be validated in a real environment and can become an international leader to enable the implementation of the developments in other museums and theme parks all over the world.  The AIJU child education department has designed the evaluation methodology. Firstly, a series of internal tests will be performed to readjust the latest version of the game (both the individual and group versions). Secondly, the corporate version will be tested. The final tests have been made with users, verifying its suitability and proper operation.”

Start date: May-09