Intelligent platform for precision medicine applied to brain tumors










The aim is to create a platform that incorporates and analyses clinical data from patients affected by brain tumours flexibly and comprehensively and responds to each patient’s needs in an individualised and intuitive way.

This platform will allow the incorporation of clinical data from patients affected by primary brain tumours and will also implement algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for their analysis. In addition, image data (histological stains, radiological images) and omics data (transcriptomics, epigenomics and oncological genomics) will be incorporated retrospectively, necessary for learning AI algorithms and whose main conclusions will be used in the diagnosis and classification of new cases, as well as in the evaluation of possible new markers of clinical and therapeutic utility, through a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

Therefore, the development of the platform will constitute a test bed in which to test the latest AI tools on different types of data that go beyond imaging so that we can integrate information from other sources of interest, such as variations in gene expression (RNA), genetic mutations (DNA) and epigenetic changes (DNA methylation), among others. The implementation of omics data can make up for the scarce information on brain tumours due to the relatively low prevalence of brain tumours compared to breast, lung or colorectal cancer. Although new techniques allow the increase of information with a low volume of starting images, incorporating other types of data can accelerate the correct learning of Artificial Intelligence tools.

The project involves the participation of researchers from two health and biomedical research institutions, ISABIAL and FISABIO, belonging to the General Hospitals of Alicante (HGUA) and Elche (HGUE), the technological institute AIJU and the company, The New Horizons.


Referee: INNEST/2022/159
Start: 01-09-2022
Duration: 24 moths

Name: José Carlos Sola
Phone: 34 96 555 44 75




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