The main novelty of this project is the creation of a technology based on a free architecture hardware that allows integrating TIC in complement of traditional toys or new game proposals and also as a potential marketing tool.

For this purpose, a structure will be developed to allow toys companies to create new types of toys that will interact with mobile devices and allow showing and expressing new content and interactivity according to the state and using form of the toy.

The market offers some tools and sophisticated technologies that give personalized solutions. However, they are not accessible to everyone, because it is sometimes too expensive to buy it, furthermore its use requires advanced knowledge. Furthermore, there are no reusable Gadgets in the sector.

This project aims at allowing toy industrial companies of the Valentian Community to position themselves in this market with the use of new technologies. For this purpose, referring to the design and integration and development of new technologies, we intend to acquire knowledge, to develop demos and to create a demonstration centre for these technologies, as a test bench for user emotions control when he/she uses these technologies.


The expected results are to investigate and adapt the use of immersive technologies without the development cost of those increase the price of the traditional final product for the user, providing a competitive advantage to those companies that implement results. Similarly, it will be possible to know the emotions of the kid concerning the use of the product in such a way that allows reinforcing its usage.


  • Consumerism goods
  • TIC
  • Leisure and Tourism


Program: PROMECE                  Year/s (start and end) : 2016


Name: César Carriòn

Phone: 96.555.44.75

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