The general objective of this project is to develop storage devices for advanced energy based on the supercaps technology which are compatible for its usage in consuming electronics devices and that also improve performances of current storage devices in terms of energy density and lifetime of those ones. This way it wishes to obtain a storage system which allows the production in which is embedded (toys, Smartphone, localisation systems GPS, wi-fi antenna, etc.) a great autonomy, which charges in very short periods and which guarantee long life.  Supercondensers to develop will present energy densities similar to ion litio batteries but maintaining the classic supercondensers power density and life-time. As well, one of the other priorities of the project was focused on is the sustainability devices. We pretend to develop the most possible sustainable devices. According to this, we will focus on the use of easily recyclable materials, that get a low cost and who are not toxics or harmful to the environment.

To reach the market objectives we use AIJU achieved results from previous projects relative to supercondensers and ion-litio battery development. The approach that is carried out is to develop supercondensors electrodes using materials based on metal oxide and lithium mixed oxide that present pseudo capacitive properties and intercalation ions litio capacity. This way we pretend to increase the specific capacity of the developed electrodes and increase the window of potentials job of the cell in organic electrolyte as well as a more environmentally friendly or as well as aqueous.


  • Consumerism goods/ Clothes.
  • Energies and Water.


  • Area 1: Energetics Technologies
  • Area 2: Composite materials
  • Area 3: Composite Technologies


  • Program: PROMECE