The improvement of socioeconomic conditions in the majority of the European states had contributed to the growth of the population life expectancy and to a rising awareness on the importance of maintain healthy lifestyle, to preserve a health level adequate to the lifelong. The society presents a preoccupation, increasingly accentuated, of possible relationships between alimentation and health and increasingly more aware of the benefits provided by the usual practice of a sport activity.

During the youth years, the usual practice of a physical activity contributes to an optimal growth, a healthy development of the cardio-respiratory and musculoskeletal system, a caloric balance preservation, to prevent risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, and to develop social interactions and personal satisfaction feeling. After the youth years, that contributes to psychological well-being and can postpone and prevent the disease outbreaks, further to being part of the treatment of those ones.

However, the quality  of life in developed states raises high stakes based on an unbalanced diet – with an increase in the ingestion of high-calorie foodstuff, with abundant fatty substance, low vitamins, minerals and others healthy nutrients, with remarkable results–, and on the trend of the physical activity decrease because of a sedentary lifestyle increase. In turn, the life expectancy increase also cause a loss functional reserve – also called “fragility” −, whose palliation represent today a new social issue.

The promotion of a healthy lifestyle in terms of food and physical activity supposes for the society an excellent opportunity to adopt a healthy lifestyle in every stage of life, and in parallel, an extraordinary business opportunity for companies who are able to provide means to favour their creation. But, to be able to face today issues it’s necessary for some companies to realise a better effort in the impulsion of the use and consumption of those products, thanks to an attractive proposal of new integral plans and motivation tools dedicated to the user in every stage of his life− and his needs and requirements − that insure its adoption.

The current project pretends to position the Valencian Community as a location of reference in products and services offer for the healthy lifestyle promotion ; thanks to methodologic guides focused on the industry for the development of new products, and the development of a TIC platform with (i) balanced diets based on healthy foods new products, (ii) physical activity plans, and (iii) a new technology for the diagnostic and accurate monitoring of  nutritional status and physical form from 3D human figures, integrated into gamification technics like essential motivation elements. Those tools could be exploited both by companies to provide better added value services around the promotion of healthy lifestyle, and by their own end users for their self-management.


  • Foods
  • Consumerism goods / Clothes.
  • Health and Life quality.
  • Leisure, Tourism and Sport.
  • TIC.


  • Area 1:
    • Technological Line 1-1: TICs
  • Area 2:
    • Technological Line 2-1 : Conception Technologies


  • Program : R&D in cooperation

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