As the safe and ergonomic creation of child products is concerned, companies declare disposing of anthropometric characteristics representative of the target population. They also specify disposing of criterias that transform those characteristics in design parameters that ensure the production of ergonomic child products, which are safe and who answer the interaction between child fine motor and objects.

Regarding the fact that the Valencian Community child products manufacturers sells their products all over the Europe, the design criterias based on Spanish population characteristics aren’t sufficient. Those companies require access to anthropometric information representative to the different geographic markets.

Furthermore, in many opportunities the existing anthropometric characteristics for the elaboration of the norms relative to security themes are limited; therefore norms conform to proportionate general directions or use limited and not updated values.

According to such previous presentation, the project EUROHANDFEET pretends to:

– Generate an anthropometric data basis of representative bodies of the European child population from the information published in various sources, harmonizing and integrating available characteristics in all those.

– Generate a hands and feet data basis of the Spanish child population.

– Transfer to companies the information generated in practical presentations and with immediate incorporation in their design processes.

– Update security parameters in national and European legislation thanks to the relation of IBV and AIJU with the different normalization comites of the sectors associated with the project.

The project EUROHANDFEET was born out of the necessities of identified information in the validation for ERGOKIDS project companies. In the interaction with companies, we have been able to notice the utility of the implementation of new products design anthropometric information. And we have detected the potential of their expansion to the creation of a child anthropometric data basis that collects European level demographic data, as an answer to the aggregate demand of companies and then help them in their globalisation process.

On the other hand, the project EUROHANDFEET, which will focus on the acquisition of anthropometric characteristics of hands and feets, will allow to complete characteristics of the ERGOKIDS project, which was focused on the acquisition of a general anthropometric characteristics.

Valencian Community companies will be the direct recipient of the advances made during the development of the project through the planned transfer and diffusion activities.

One of the main results of the project in 2016 is the generation of an ergonomic design criterias for consumer goods dedicated to child population in toys, childcare and sport equipment sectors. Those criterias will integrate information on the utility, security, anthropometric critics and age groups anthropometric tables for more than 300 types of child products.  The anthropometric tables will supply population average and extreme values for key measure. The criterias will reflect recommended anthropometric range for every anthropometric mean in function of the product utility and security. This type of information will be first available to the child product industry promoting new design patterns user-oriented and opening and stimulating new lines of innovation.


  • Toys
  • Childcare
  • Playing fields
  • Sport
  • Health


  • Area 1: Innovator product
    • Technological Line 1-1: Conception technologies


  • Program : R&D in cooperation
  • Year/s (start and end): 2016 to 2017

TECHNOLOGIC INSTITUTE PARTICIPANT (for project in collaboration):

  • IBV