New EDM electrodes manufactured with electrically conductive materials by Additive Manufacturing – EDM Additive


Reduce lead times and costs in the manufacturing of electrodes can highly contribute to improve the SMEs competitiveness. Moreover, additive technologies allow the manufacturing of more complex electrodes that can boost the manufacturing of more creative moulds and designs.


For this reason, the EDM- Additive project aims to develop innovative electrical discharge machining (EDM) electrodes by Additive Manufacturing (AM). For this purpose, additive manufacturing materials with high conductivity are required. The objective of the project execution on regard the developing of new materials is double: on one hand, the development of new formulations of electrically conductive advanced materials based on graphite filled phenolic resins for laser sintering (LS). On the other hand, the development of conductive filaments based on ABS, PA and PLA to be processed by Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM).  The conductivity of all the formulations will be iteratively enhanced through its re-formulation and/or coating (PVD & electrodeposition). The best performing formulations will be (re-) formulated, characterised and optimised for the manufacturing of functional EDM electrodes. Once manufactured, its performance in the manufacturing of moulds will be validated.


Apart from the reduction of lead time from design to delivery, the results of this project can contribute to the sustainability of the sector by minimising wastes and costs, allowing flexibility and higher complexity for tool manufacturing thanks to the implementation of AM technologies in the sector.


“A Project funded under the SMART Eureka Cluster on Advanced Manufacturing programme” and «Granted by CDTI, Vinnova & Tubitak».

  • Starting date: February 2019
  • Duration: 36 Months
  • State: Ongoing