“This project, led by the company IQAP and supported by PEREZ CERDA and INJUSA, intends to develop new high added value colour concentrates based on natural agricultural wastes (almond shell) with different thermoplastics for the market where there is little competition because of the high innovation value. The developed concentrates will enable meeting technical requirements of traditional industrial sectors such as the toy and auxiliary furniture sectors although the results may be translated to other sectors that use injection in their processes. Currently there is no type of masterbatch for manufacturing plastic articles by injection that include natural residues, nor almond shell specifically, as a component or reinforcement. Concentrates based on biodegradable plastics are also not common due to the limited introduction of these into various sectors such as containers and packaging. The introduction of these masterbatches into traditional sectors mentioned above will give significant support to sustainability in the medium term. Additionally, the project addresses the environmental problem related to efficacy improvement in the use of natural materials by reuse of almond shell.”

Start date: 02/01/2012