AIJU is collaborating in the development of a new research and development project of CDTI, “Development of a biodegradable film with biopesticidal/repellent properties”, (File No.: IDI-20141480), led by the company, INDUSTRIAS PLÁSTICAS BAÑERES, S.A (INPLASBA).

The main objective of the project is to develop a biodegradable film capable of progressively releasing natural substances with biopesticidal and repellent properties, which would protect banana crops from various pests that attack the fruit, and that would not be a source of pollution for the environment or a risk to health of farmers or consumers.

Currently, the practice of bagging banana branches with a polyethylene film is performed to protect the banana fruit from the negative effects of the environment (burning by sun, excess humidity) and to help in the control of pests, insects and others, enabling harvesting cleaner fruit, of greater weight and in less time.

The main differences of the product to be developed in comparison with the current product are:
Start date: 1 June 2014