In this project, we pretend to develop manufacturing methodologies of structured heterogeneous catalysts able for various uses through the use of classic materials design technics and last generation additive manufacturing technologies. The structured catalysts to develop will get geometric forms and design of different complexity, from granulates and classic “pellets” to “honeycomb” monoliths and those that are called “structured reactors”.

Catalysts to develop with those fabrication methodologies will be based on metal oxide (magnesium, titanium, calcium, etc.) and will get a direct application in water environmental cleaning process (organic material deletion) and biofuel production process (biodiesel). The validation of those materials shaping technics applied to heterogeneous catalysis area will allow to bring a solution to problems that present heterogeneous catalysis developed in laboratory (dispersible form) in process and large-scale reaction such as pressure losses in the system, heat transfer problems, diffusion resistance of reagents/products, etc.

The project is composed of 3 very separate parts, a first part which consists in confirming granular catalysts and pellets through classic thermocompression technics, a second part that deals with confirming monoliths catalysts and “structured reactors” with complex geometries using laser selective sinter-technologies and a last part that catalytically characterises and validate developed catalysts.


  • Habitat
  • Industrial Processes
  • Energies and Water


  • Area 1: Ceramic Materials
  • Area 2: Ceramic Technologies
  • Area 3: Energetic Technologies


  • Program: PROMECE