The aim of the GREENZO project is to develop and validate, at a pre-industrial level, a pilot plant to enable obtaining zinc oxide from non-ferrous metal waste such as Zamak. Its use will be validated in two industrial sectors: manufacture of rubber and chemical processes of catalysis. This action will reuse waste from the industrial process of transforming Zamak for application in products of high usability.
 Currently zinc oxide is only obtained from zincite, a mineral derived from nature. This project will generate the material from an industrial waste, in a compact pilot plant without atmospheric emissions and reducing the use of non-renewable resources, which will enable addressing a variety of environmental problems. Therefore, the results of the project will be widely disseminated in parallel with its execution.

 This project, funded by the European Commission through LIFE13 ENV/ES/000173, is led by AIJU with the participation of ITQ-CSIC, WORTEUROPE and Cauchos KAREY.

Start date: 01/06/2014
Contact: Enrique Añó / Rubén Beneito

Type: Leading