Business models in the context of the circular economy: videos on real cases.






The circular business models have aroused great interest recently. Although their benefits are remarkable, the process involved in a transition to a circular business model is, for many entrepreneurs and companies, a changeover that entails a lot of uncertainty. Some of the most common questions asked are related to the resulting implications of the final business model, what skills and knowledge we need, how our value chain partners will respond, how long, how much effort and money will be required.


The objective of the project that is being carried out is to provide information about the transition that companies must go through to become circular business models. The project is intended to help companies implement circular economy concepts in their lines of business and maintain their profitability and efficiency with the help of the clear educational and training material that is produced through it, and this will then contribute to reducing the negative impact that their businesses have on the environment.


To this end, as part of the “Living Business cases for Circular Entrepreneurship” project, a series of videos of real cases with all the details on how to implement circular business models in companies are being produced.


This will give companies a good idea of the main obstacles and problems, along with the opportunities to be made the most of with businesses based on the circular economy. Moreover, it will help them acquire certain skills and knowledge required to design, plan, establish specifications, get materials, and in this way, deal with the main risks that arise when taking this initiative independently.


The results of this project will be revealed at the beginning of 2021 in the online training platform set up by Climate-KIC.


“Project funded by Climate KIC” and endorsed by the EIT, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology.


Coordinator’s contact details:

  • Name: Victor Scholten
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Coordinator at AIJU:

    • Name: Alejandro Fernández
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